Getting Started

Well, this will be a new experience for me as i have never seriously “blogged” before.  How ever, I have been getting allot of “requests” for updates on my job search, updates on my writing, what’s going on with my crafts and hobbies, How are the kids, what new recipe have I developed recently, can you get me a copy of that recipe you brought to…  Okay, you get the idea.  Please don’t misunderstand, I enjoy these questions and am happy to answer them, I was just thinking of a more efficient way of disseminating any and all info, a sort of clearinghouse for friends and family to quickly check up on us.  Of course, I am NOT trying to stop anyone from contacting me or asking a question directly, just simplifying the process for thous that want to take advantage of it.

After that introduction, I guess we’ll see how well this works

And so we go…